TableTop Day 2014: We Want Your Money

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Update 4/6/2014: Felicia Day has pretty much addressed my concerns now. There’s little else to say. The YouTube Initiative is over and they’re not receiving any additional funding from Google. This is the sort of thing they should have started with, instead of saying they want to do things they wouldn’t be able to do. Transparency is a beautiful thing.


Last year’s TableTop Day was something of a revelation. It felt like a holiday created specifically for tabletop gamers. Not only were we getting mentions in the news, stores were catering to us by slashing prices and providing game space where there usually wouldn’t be any. I remember contacting my local Barnes & Noble store and getting tables reserved for my Meetup group. The store provided signs advertising our presence and even some games for us to demo. It was a great day.

Naturally, the gaming community started looking forward to the next TableTop Day. Continue reading

How I Met Your Mother – the finale

One could say that the theme of How I Met Your Mother‘s final season was nostalgia. While moving forward with the narrative in a risky manner (22 half hour episodes focusing on the 48 hours before a wedding), the show focused on callback after callback. Loose threads were often tied off while jokes were made as a tip of the hat to the long term viewers. It makes sense, too, since the show’s overall narrative was Ted’s nostalgia for his lost youth. Apparently, it was also nostalgia about his lost love. Continue reading