Of Dice and Screens

Of Dice and Screens is a love letter and living document celebrating that media that surrounds and reflects us. All forms of media are discussed here, with an emphasis on board games, video games, and television. Expect to read about both old and new releases. Old releases are never irrelevant, and new things can be discovered upon reflection. And just a word of warning – ironic appreciation is not accepted here. This is where things are appreciated unabashedly. Check your secret shame at the door.

Reviews here are different. Publishers and studios appreciate graded or quantified reviews for media, but that’s not how people process subjective pieces of art. Don’t expect to see a score at the end of a piece. Don’t expect to be told whether or not you will enjoy something. The reviews here embrace the subjective and will be written from the standpoint of the reviewer’s experiences, with the expectation that the reader is capable of forming his or her own opinion. Reviews here are more of a discussion, and further discussion in the comments is always encouraged.


Chris S

I am a born mediaphile who honestly believes that the media can be good for us, so long as we view it from the right paradigm. I view games, both tabletop and video, as thought exercises that force us to consider strategies beyond our normal life approaches in order to solve puzzles. I believe that escapism can be healthy. I believe that fiction, especially science fiction, can help us think outside of the box. I believe stories about the fantastic are necessary because we should continually be encouraged to be believe in magic and whimsy in this world of ours. Plus, y’know, it’s OK for stuff to be fun.

By profession, I am a clinical researcher with a background in clinical psychology. This definitely influences the lens through which I see the world. Also noteworthy is that I wish to someday be involved in board game design. This also definitely influences the way I see things, especially when I’m looking at games.

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