Mayim Bialik hates Frozen for click-bait purposes

I count three good dudes on this cover that focuses on sisterly love. Image from the Disney Frozen site

I know that I’m playing into the Kveller site’s hands by including a link in this post, but it would be unfair to Mayim Bialik, star of Blossom and the insanely popular Big Bang Theory (which has humor that somehow fails to click with me), to not let her present herself. Did you read it? Go ahead and do so. I’m not against that site getting hits. There’s good information there, even if you’re not Jewish. I was surprised to find that despite Bialik’s personal stance on vaccinations, there was a piece on the site published this year about a mother’s belief that it’s irresponsible and basically un-Jewish to not get your children vaccination. Anyway, I’ll be waiting.

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The Future of Cinema Today

I backed the Veronica Mars movie project as soon as I heard that it was on Kickstarter. However, this post won’t be about the movie itself. That will come later. This is about the experience I had with the digital download that I “earned” when I backed the film at the $50 level. If you want a short review of the film right now, then I’ll say this: It is a really good filler episode that makes me look forward to seeing what can be done now that we’re past the “Where are they now?” portion.

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